What can I do for you?

I will reply as soon as possible providing available appointment dates. Currently slots tend to be 5pm-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Consultations typically last 90 minutes. During the consultation we take a comprehensive medical history, assess each body system and analyse your diet and lifestyle. We then work with you to create a tailored protocol based on your needs and routines. Within the protocol is a 7 day nutrition plan, with recipes and lifestyle advice. I believe in the power of education. If you understand how certain foods affect your body, you will be empowered to make decisions that contribute to your health rather than disease.

“After my operation I was concerned about weight gain and getting back to my usual level of fitness. Speaking to Aron not only gave me the confidence to push myself with recovery, but his friendly attitude, depth of knowledge and incredible plans means that I’m able to perform better than ever. Thank you.”

Male, 28, weight management, celiac disease

“I found Aron’s consultations to be informative, friendly but firm, his guidance was gentle but focussed, sympathetic, intuitive and very helpful. Diolch Aron.”

Female, 63, weight loss, liver support

“Aron comes across professional but still remaining friendly and genuinely interested in helping.  The assistance has been truly amazing, I would advise to any friends or family at the drop of a hat.  I just wish I’d gone to see him earlier”

Male,35, mental health, hypothyroidism

“As an international rugby player, I have had plenty of nutritional advice over the years. But none come close to the level of detail and flexibility that Aron offers. I’m now confident I can take my on-pitch performances to the next level.”

Female, 30, muscle gain
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