Can these alternative foods improve your erections?

Herbal medicine is an ancient medicine utilised by many cultures across the world.  Some people swear by it, others are sceptical of it.  Chances are if you’ve been scouring the web for some kind of testosterone booster or magical erection remedy you may have come across a few herbs.  But which of these have actuallyContinue reading “Can these alternative foods improve your erections?”

Erectile Dysfunction: The role of Nutrition

What is ED? ED is the inability to create or sustain an erection.  It can be extremely debilitating and can have negative consequences on a man’s mental wellbeing.  ED can also be a common symptom of other medical conditions.  About 1 in 5 men suffer with ED with this figure predicted to increase by 2033.Continue reading “Erectile Dysfunction: The role of Nutrition”

Mental Health & The Gut

In events of elation such as winning the lottery, eating a delicious chocolate cake, or earning a promotion our brains release chemicals called neurotransmitters that give us feelings of excitement, happiness and energy.  Without these neurotransmitters, we wouldn’t feel as good during these moments of elation.  In events of fear and nervousness, like sitting anContinue reading “Mental Health & The Gut”

The Menstrual Cycle

Most exercise-nutrition research is based on male physiology.  This is because female physiology contains a few more variables than a males physiology.  For the sake of obtaining more reliable data, scientists reduce the amount of variables that they can control.  This results in studies primarily using male subjects.  This means that although the conclusions fromContinue reading “The Menstrual Cycle”

Optimising protein absorption

Gaining muscle advice is often simplistic; “eat more to gain more.”  I wouldn’t disagree with this statement, however it leaves a lot to be explained.  How do you absorb protein?  You might be consuming a lot of protein, but are you absorbing it effectively?  Does it matter when protein is consumed?  You could be wastingContinue reading “Optimising protein absorption”

Buddion omega – 3 a sut i gynyddu cymeriant

Dros y degawd diwethaf mae omega–3 wedi cael ei gydnabod yn un o’r maetholion pwysicaf gan weithwyr iechyd proffesiynol. Mae pobl wedi dechrau cynnwys yr ychwanegiad bwyd fel rhan o’u diet cyffredinol, ond pam? Pam mae omega–3 yn bwysig, ac a ddylech chi gymryd ychwanegiad bwyd? Beth yw asidau brasterog omega – 3? Yn gyntafContinue reading “Buddion omega – 3 a sut i gynyddu cymeriant”

Cryfhau’r System Imiwnedd

Ar gyfer yr erthygl amserol hon rwyf wedi ymuno â Evie Rogers, sydd ar hyn o bryd yn ymgymryd â doethuriaeth mewn firws, llid ac imiwnoleg ym Mhrifysgol Southampton.  Rydym wedi llunio rhestr o faetholion gyda’n gilydd, sy’n werth eu hystyried yn ystod y pandemig firysol hwn. Evie: “Ni allwn ni adeiladu imiwnedd i’r firwsContinue reading “Cryfhau’r System Imiwnedd”

The Immune System and Coronavirus

For this article I’ve teamed up with Evie Rogers who’s currently undertaking a PhD in infection, inflammation and immunology at the University of Southampton.  Together we’ve compiled a list of nutrients worth considering during this viral pandemic.  Evie: “We can’t build immunity against this specific virus without exposure to it, but we can support our immune systemContinue reading “The Immune System and Coronavirus”

Is over-exercise driving your depression?

Elite athletes are susceptible to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. More than 1 in 4 footballers have depression or anxiety.  According to the Professional Footballers’ Association the number of players seeking mental health support is soaring.   The Rugby Players’ Association have described mental health problems in the professional game as “a major issue”, other eliteContinue reading “Is over-exercise driving your depression?”

Depression, inflammation and what can be done about it!

In the UK 1 in 20 people are diagnosed with depression.  Major depression (MD) is ranked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the leading cause of disease burden among high-income countries.  WHO predict that depression will be the leading cause of disability by the end of 2020.  It is estimated that the global prevalenceContinue reading “Depression, inflammation and what can be done about it!”

Workplace Nutrition

With the many life stresses competing for our mental energy, eating with intention can become a difficult task. Sometimes it feels like the best we can do to survive the day is to consume anything, serving the purpose of filling our bellies. Our overall health and well-being can be significantly improved by simply eating wellContinue reading “Workplace Nutrition”

Are these foods keeping you awake at night?

SLEEP Sleep. A pillar of health. That human necessity that’s intrinsically linked to longevity, happiness, motivation, weight management and all round health. Sleeplessness affects your memory, mood, concentration, immune system, sex drive amongst a whole host of other things. Sometimes it’s a short term predicament as a result of a stressful situation or noisy neighbours,Continue reading “Are these foods keeping you awake at night?”