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Shining a light in an isolated world: A biological perspective

Elite athletes are susceptible to anxiety, depression and substance abuse. More than 1 in 4 footballers have depression or anxiety.  According to the Professional Footballers’ Association the number of players seeking mental health support is soaring.   The Rugby Players’ Association have described mental health problems in the professional game as “a major issue”, other eliteContinue reading “Shining a light in an isolated world: A biological perspective”

Depression, inflammation and what can be done about it!

In the UK 1 in 20 people are diagnosed with depression.  Major depression (MD) is ranked by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the leading cause of disease burden among high-income countries.  WHO predict that depression will be the leading cause of disability by the end of 2020.  It is estimated that the global prevalenceContinue reading “Depression, inflammation and what can be done about it!”

Workplace Nutrition

With the many life stresses competing for our mental energy, eating with intention can become a difficult task. Sometimes it feels like the best we can do to survive the day is to consume anything, serving the purpose of filling our bellies. Our overall health and well-being can be significantly improved by simply eating wellContinue reading “Workplace Nutrition”

Are these foods keeping you awake at night?

SLEEP Sleep. A pillar of health. That human necessity that’s intrinsically linked to longevity, happiness, motivation, weight management and all round health. Sleeplessness affects your memory, mood, concentration, immune system, sex drive amongst a whole host of other things. Sometimes it’s a short term predicament as a result of a stressful situation or noisy neighbours,Continue reading “Are these foods keeping you awake at night?”