About Aron

Aron is a certified nutritional therapist (mBANT, CNHC) and naturopath who has a special interest in optimising athletic performance and mental health (Bsc Psychology).

Having obtained a degree in psychology Aron continued to expand his knowledge of therapies. After establishing the powerful effect food and lifestyle changes had on a persons behaviour, performance and health. Aron enrolled with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and spent 3 years learning of the clinical use of nutrition.

“My personal experience with depression and anxiety started after a series of concussions playing rugby resulted in a PTSD diagnosis and re-occurring bouts of depression.  I’d narrowly avoided a bi-polar diagnosis as a result of my extreme highs and despairing lows.  The inspiration I found to take control of my mental health lay in a glass of spirulina whilst living in Vietnam…  I’d hit rock bottom and couldn’t fathom a future in which I would be truly happy, in that moment of pain I found myself mixing a heaped tablespoon of spirulina left in the back of a cupboard in the kitchen.  I downed the less than appetising drink and a wave of happiness slapped me in the face.  I couldn’t quite believe what had come over me so I immediately began researching what had just occurred and if there was a biological correlation.  It became apparent that I had just consumed tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin that is contained in spirulina.  My diet for the months prior was centred around sugar, carbohydrates and very little fruit and vegetables providing limited nutrients necessary to create our feel good neuro-transmitters.  What I’d been experiencing was tryptophan depleted depression, and that glass of spirulina had just provided a healthy dose of feel good tryptophan.  The following week I planned to move back to the UK to pursue a career in Nutrition to spread the word.”

What People Say

“Aron comes across professional but still remaining friendly and genuinely interested in helping.  The assistance has been truly amazing, I would advise to any friends or family at the drop of a hat.  I just wish I’d gone to see him earlier”

“Aron truly understands you as a person and gets some great results! I would highly recommend”

“I found Aron’s consultations to be informative, friendly but firm, his guidance was gentle but focussed, sympathetic, intuitive and very helpful. Diolch Aron.”

“As an international rugby player, I have had plenty of nutritional advice over the years. But none come close to the level of detail and flexibility that Aron offers. I’m now confident I can take my on-pitch performances to the next level.

Let’s build something together.

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